Editorial Announcement: Expanding Church History Staff

The London Lyceum is pleased to announce the addition of two new editors and the promotion of a third. Given its continued growth the team has appointed Hunter Hindsman (Patristic Theology), Ryan Modisette (Medieval Theology), and Jonathan Baddley (Reformation Theology) as additional editors.

The London Lyceum’s President Jordan Steffaniak said:

From day one as an institution, we’ve been committed to serious thinking. But as we’ve grown beyond a weekly podcast to a formal institution publishing essays from senior and junior scholars alike we’ve realized our need for greater quality control for our content. We have a tremendous team of experts already but adding Ryan, Jonathan, and Hunter as church history editors will establish us as even more trustworthy. Their addition strengthens our range of expertise which is vital since we remain committed to publishing a wide range of ideas. When someone reads an essay from the London Lyceum we want them to know it has been well-vetted. When someone submits an essay to the London Lyceum we want them to know they will receive insightful feedback that will make their work better.

Hunter Hindsman is currently a PhD student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary researching Justin Martyr and natural law theory under the supervision of Stephen Presley. Hunter has served the London Lyceum as the book review editor since July 2022. Hunter’s latest publication is forthcoming from Faith and Flourishing on natural law and Christian politics in Justin Martyr.

President Jordan Steffaniak says, “Hunter has proven his editorial expertise while serving as our book review editor for the last year and his knowledge of the Patristic era is evidenced through his numerous conference presentations and now publications. He’s also firstly a Pastor. He embodies everything we are about at the London Lyceum; thinking carefully and cheerfully for the church.”

Ryan Modisette is currently a PhD student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary researching the beatific vision. Ryan’s latest publication is a translation of Amandus Polanus on the perfection of sacred scripture.

President Jordan Steffaniak says, “Ryan is an incredible thinker. It’s hard for me to think of anyone else in Baptist life as sharp as he is. It’s a real honor to have Ryan join our editorial team. Anyone that receives his feedback is sure to be challenged and strengthened.”

Jonathan has served as a fellow for the London Lyceum for the past two years and published one of the most popular essays of 2022 on the allure of celebrity preaching. Jonathan’s latest publication is a featured essay forthcoming with Modern Reformation on preparation for the Lord’s Supper.

President Jordan Steffaniak says, “Jonathan is an exemplary historian. He is a devoted churchman and careful scholar of his period. He works with an eye toward the service of the church and has committed himself to careful study of his era in ways that are reminiscent of the greatest historians.”

The London Lyceum launched in August 2019 and launched its website in October 2020 and has since continued to develop the infrastructure necessary to become a steadfast institution. It produces a weekly podcast, two YouTube shows, hosts regular YouTube live discussions with important Christian intellectuals, publishes a range of online essays and reviews, publishes an annual peer-reviewed journal, and launched the John Gill Project in 2022.

President Jordan Steffaniak said:

We don’t have a goal to simply create media for a few years and then fizzle out when something better comes along. We are committed to building a Protestant institution that is distinctively Baptist that will be serving our children and grandchildren. Too many in the Baptist world build pseudo-institutions or transient ones. We are committed to the future.


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