Recommeded Resources

Tune in to the podcast to hear about numerous resources that our guests recommend. Below are more general evergreen resources we recommend along with our podcasting recommendations for those looking to pick up the mic themselves!

The Reformed Forum for Reformed confessional theology

Theology in Particular for Reformed Baptist confessional theology

Doctrine and Devotion for Reformed Baptist confessional theology

Two-Age Sojourner for Reformed Baptist confessional theology

Logos Institute Podcast for Analytic theology

Parker’s Pensees for Analytic theology


The Second London Confession of Faith

Analytic Theology

The Nature and Promise of Analytic Theology, James Arcadi, Jordan Wessling, and Oliver Crisp

Warranted Christian Belief, Alvin Plantinga

An Invitation to Analytic Christian Theology, Thomas McCall


Baptist Theology

By His Grace and For His Glory, Tom Nettles

Orthodox Radicals, Matthew Bingham


Confessional Theology

The Creedal Imperative, Carl Trueman

A Toolkit for Confessions, James Renihan

Recovering the Reformed Confession, R. Scott Clark

Christian Dogmatics, ed. Scott Swain and Michael Allen

Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics (4 Vols), Richard Muller

Reformed Dogmatics (4 Vols), Herman Bavinck

Online Recording Software

We tried several platforms early on from Zencaster to Zoom. We used Squadcast with a lot of success for nearly a year but encountered several issues with it failing to record mid-interview without notifying us so we then switched to Riverside. We love it. It records all tracks separately and has no audio drift. It can have 8 guests. It can live stream. It can have live call-in guests. It’s our pick hands down. If we had to do something else it would be Zoom but the audio quality isn’t as good.

Editing Software

We started using the free version of Audacity but its recording quality was a disaster for us and it isn’t easy to use. We’ve since switched to Hindenburg Journalist and its a dream. We would never use anything else ever again.

Podcast Hosting

We surveyed a few options and settled on Buzzsprout. We’ve been very pleased overall and haven’t had a reason to switch. If you use the link embedded here to sign up they will drop you a $20 Amazon gift card.