About the Team

The London Lyceum is managed on a daily basis by a tremendous team of talented and dedicated individuals but also has a board of directors to provide general oversight to ensure the London Lyceum remains on mission and faithful to its core values. Our executive directors and board of directors are in substantial agreement with our mission and confessional commitments. Other roles on our team are likewise in substantial agreement with our mission but are bound by the broader orthodox Protestant confessional tradition.

Because we are an institution designed to support the church we ensure part of our team and board members are Pastors in a local church. Our team has a strong publishing track record with essays featured in respected peer-reviewed journals such as International Journal of Systematic Theology, International Journal of Philosophy of Religion, Theologica, Journal of Reformed Theology, Philosophia Christi, Calvin Theological Journal, and more.

The Team

Senior Directors

Jordan Steffaniak

Co-Founder, President, & hanover press publisher

Education: PhD Candidate in Philosophy (University of Birmingham), ThM (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), MDiv (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), BA (Liberty University), Further Post-Graduate study in Philosophy at The University of Louisville

Employment: Customer Technology Manager in the Financial Industry

Current Research: Metaphysics, the Philosophy of Mind, and Philosophical Theology. Particularly focusing on classical theism and ecumenical creedal theology’s relation to anthropology

Fun Fact: Jordan was coached in weightlifting by the current American record holder for the snatch (173kg) in the 94kg class

Brandon Ayscue

co-founder & Vice President

Education: MDiv (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), MA in Apologetics and Christian Philosophy (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), BA (Campbell University)

Employment: Associate Pastor at Harriett Baptist Church, Henderson, NC

Current Research: The Pentateuch and World War II

Fun Fact: Brandon loves Bruce Springsteen and is a church basketball league living legend

Garrett Walden

Senior Director & hanover press editor-in-chief

Education: ThM in Historical and Theological Studies (The Southern Baptist Theology Seminary), MDiv in Christian Ministry (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), BA in Nutrition/Dietetics (Auburn University)

Employment: Pastor at Grace Heritage Church (Auburn, AL)

Current Research: Early Baptist history and theology, Christology and hermeneutics

Fun Fact: Garrett’s wife, Kat, runs a Twitter account exclusively to troll everything he tweets.

Christopher Woznicki

executive director, analytic and systematic theology director, & hanover press senior editor

Education: PhD in Theology (Fuller Theological Seminary), MA in Theology (Fuller Theological Seminary), MA in Intercultural Studies (Fuller Theological Seminary), BA in Philosophy (UCLA)

Employment: Research Fellow at The Jonathan Edwards Center at Gateway Seminary; Affiliate Assistant Professor of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary

Current Research: Atonement, Prayer, Theological Anthropology

Fun Fact: Chris is an avid mud-runner and hiker

Jonathan Baddley

executive director, reformation history director, & hanover press senior editor

Education: PhD student in History (University of Cambridge); MA in History (Vanderbilt University); MTS in the History of Christianity (Harvard University)

Current Research: Puritan practical divinity; the social and political implications of the Lord’s Supper in early modern Europe; ecclesiology and the Reformation

Fun Fact: I discovered Reformation history for the first time while procrastinating in law school.

Hunter Hindsman

executive director & patristic history director

Education: PhD Student in Historical and Theological Studies (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), MDiv (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), BS in Chemical Engineering (The University of Alabama)

Employment: Life Group and Associate Pastor at MeadowBrook Church in Gadsden, AL

Current Research: Natural Law and other related topics in Justin Martyr

Fun Fact: Hunter worked at a Christian camp in college where he received and went by the camp name of West Tide Story [West Tide” for short]. Oddly, some people told him he looked more like a “West Tide” than a “Hunter.” He has still never seen West Side Story.

Caleb Hawkins

executive director & hanover press and the hanover review managing editor

Education: PhD Candidate (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), MDiv (Reformed Theological Seminary)

Employment: Associate Pastor at Generations Church in Norcross, GA

Current Research: John Gill (1697–1771); the theological interpretation of the Psalms

Fun Fact: Caleb is in the top 3% of John Mayer listeners worldwide on Spotify. In other words, he is a mega John Mayer fan 


Morgan Byrd

Confessional Theology director

Education: MDiv (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), BA (Coastal Carolina University)

Employment: Associate Pastor of Palmetto Shores Church, Myrtle Beach, SC

Current Research: Secularism, Family Systems Theory, and Pneumatology

Fun Fact: Morgan plays and writes music

Zak Tharp

Early modern theology director

Education: PhD Candidate in Church History (Ridley College Melbourne), MA in Theological Studies (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), BA in Organizational Communication (SFA)

Employment: English Teacher at Weatherford Christian School

Current Research: Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758); early evangelical theology and history, Christology, and biblical exegesis

Fun Fact: Zak is an avid hiker and an amateur coffee aficionado.

Ryan Modisette

Medieval Theology Director

Education: PhD Student in Systematic Theology (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) ThM in Systematic Theology (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), MDiv in Christian Ministry (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), BA in Classics (Texas A&M University)

Employment: Podcast and Media Relations Consultant

Current Research: Medieval Theology, Post-Reformation Reformed Theology, and 19th Century Debates about Nature and Grace

Fun Fact: Ryan is an amateur CrossFitter and a professional nerd 

Jake Stone

Baptist Theology director

Education: MDiv Student (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), BA (William Carey University)

Employment: Library Assistant, James P. Boyce Library; Junior Fellow, the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies

Current Research: Isaac Backus and early colonial Baptist views on ecclesiology and politics

Fun Fact: Jake is a food snob

Matt Gilleskie

Hanover Press assistant editor

Education: MTS (Duke Divinity School)

Employment: Youth Minister at the Chapel Hill Bible Church (Chapel Hill, NC)

Current Research: John Owen; the nature of theology and biblical interpretation

Fun Fact: Matt has traveled to all six inhabited continents.

Leland Brown

hanover press assistant editor and sales director

Education: PhD in Historical and Theological Studies (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), MDiv in Christian Ministry (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) BA in English Literature (the College of Charleston), BS in business administration (the College of Charleston)

Employment: Discipleship Pastor at East Cooper Baptist Church in Charleston, S.C.

Current Research: Historic Pastoral Theology, Early Christianity

Fun Fact: Leland is slightly obsessed with single origin craft coffee.

Mark Joubert

executive director baptist history

Education: MA in American History (Liberty University), BS in Ministry Leadership (Moody Bible Institute)

Employment: Adjunct professor at Mid-America College. Self-employed in web design and small business marketing.

Current Research: Baptist thought in early America, Baptist primary sources.

Fun Fact: Mark is an amateur zoologist with a keen interest in ornithology and entomology.

Matt Ntiros

Philosophy director

Education: MA student in Philosophy of Religion (Talbot School of Theology), BS Electrical Engineering (Virginia Tech)

Employment: Software Engineer

Current Research: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Physics and Philosophy of Mind, with a focus on hylomorphism in these areas, Philosophical theology

Fun Fact: Matt suffered through a marathon once in which his wife left him in the dust and knows the geography of Middle-earth better than the real world.


Zach Williams

online content manager

Education: PhD Candidate in Church History (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), MDiv in Christian Ministry (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), B.S. in Christian Ministry (William Carey University)

Employment: Assistant Manager of The Bookstore at Southern Seminary

Current Research: Particular Baptist Life and Thought; Abraham Booth (1734–1806) and the Reformed Doctrine of Sanctification

Fun Fact: Zach is a bit of an Anglophile. He enjoys a good cup of Earl Grey tea, and he and his wife Courtney are big Downton Abbey fans. They have even visited the filming location, Highclere Castle, in the UK.

Jonathan Yang

Marketing manager

Education: BA in Philosophy (University of California, Davis)

Employment: Marketing and Communications Manager

Current Research: Analytic Theology, Theology of Work, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law

Fun Fact: Jonathan loves to sing when no one else is around.

Braylon Pilant

Managing director

Education: Current MDiv student (Denver Seminary), BA in Christian Studies (Ouachita Baptist University)

Current Research: 18th and 19th century English Baptist theology, trends in 20th century theological method

Fun Fact:Braylon would consider himself a coffee snob, and has worked in the coffee roasting industry


Elijah Blalock

content assistant

Education: MA student (Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary), BA in Christian Ministry (Anderson University)

Employment: Youth Pastor at Moons Grove Baptist Church (Colbert, GA)

Fun Fact: Elijah is 6’5” but has never been on a basketball team

Joshua Sharp

content assistant

Education: MDiv in Theology (George W. Truett Theological Seminary), BA in Psychology and Christian Studies (Southwest Baptist University)

Employment: Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church (Orange, TX)

Current Research: Hermeneutics, Preaching, and Pastoral Theology

Fun Fact: Josh’s dad, Wayne, once worked for a Mexican circus.

Jeff Rathbun

content assistant

Education: BA in Biblical Theology from Williams Baptist College

Employment: Pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church (Lesterville, MO)

Current Research: Pastoral theology, Baptist studies

Fun Fact: Jeff loves coffee and learning new ways to brew the perfect cup.

Tyler Roberts

content assistant

Education: MA in Biblical Studies (Reformed Theological Seminary) BA in History (Jacksonville State University)

Employment: Security Specialist

Current Research: Religious Epistemology in Dutch Reformed Theology, and the existence of God

Fun Fact: Tyler loves rock music and Braves baseball.

Board of Directors

Jordan Steffaniak

Brandon Ayscue

Chris Woznicki

Morgan Byrd

Conner McMakin

Jake Stone

Garrett Walden

Mitch Chase

David Rathel

Jacob Denhollander

Nathaniel Martin