Kiffin's Keep

Kiffin’s Keep is an intellectual resource for the pillar and buttress of the truth, which is the church, hosted by the President of the London Lyceum, Jordan Steffaniak.

New episodes are published to YouTube and to the London Lyceum podcast (only for exclusive subscribers) nearly every week. He has four main content types for episodes:

  1. “What is X?” where he explains a certain topic
  2. “Top X” where he gives the top reasons for something or the top figures or arguments for a topic
  3. Reviews where he engages the ideas of a book, essay, or recording
  4. Miscellaneous episodes where he covers topics that he finds interesting or important

If you’d like Jordan to record an episode on a particular topic or if you’d like him to address a relevant question please send a message in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

As a sample of some of the sort of resources Kiffin’s Keep provides, below are some of the top episodes from viewers.