Lyceum Disputation Symposiums

Essays in the Lyceum Disputation series range from traditional academic symposium essays to mid-range theses on various theological, historical, and philosophical topics intended to provide greater understanding in a spirit that reflects charity, curiosity, critical thinking, and cheerful confessionalism. The symposiums of traditional academic focus will be published as special issues of Theologia Viatorum.

Current Symposiums​

Metaphysics & The Christian

  1. Ground Rules for Christian Metaphysics, James S. Spiegel
  2. Do Christians Need Metaphysics?, Michael Gorman
  3. Metpahysics and Delight, Sam Welbaum
  4. Is there a Metaphysics of Christianity?, Chad McIntosh
  5. On the Use of Christian Metaphysics, Leonard Sidharta
  6. Additional forthcoming from Eric Yang and Joshua Swijade

Forthcoming Symposiums

Baptists and Ecumenism

Featuring Contributions from:

  1. Rhyne Putman (Williams Baptist University)
  2. Daniel Houck (Calvary Hill Baptist Church)
  3. Ben Stratton (Farmington Baptist Church)
  4. David Doran (Detroit Theological Seminary)

Spirituality and the Intellectual Life

Featuring Contributions from:

  1. Tim Pickavance (Biola University)
  2. Travis Dickinson (Dallas Baptist University)
  3. Stephen Presley (Center for Religion, Culture, and Democracy)
  4. Michael McClymond (St.Louis University)

Featuring Contributions from:

  1. Richard Cross (The University of Notre Dame)
  2. Tom Ward (Baylor University)
  3. Mickey Mattox (Hillsdale College)
  4. Peter Optiz (University of Zurich)
  5. Jordan Ballor (The Center for Religion, Culture, and Democracy)
  6. Michael Lynch (The Davenant Institute)
  7. Daniel Houck (Calvary Hill Baptist Church; Leland Seminary)

Previous Symposiums​