The Hanover Review

The Hanover Review (formerly Theologia Viatorum): The Journal of the London Lyceum is a peer-reviewed journal for analytic, Baptist, and/or confessional theology that is published on an (at least) annual basis by the London Lyceum. The journal seeks to promote serious thinking for a serious church by retrieving the wisdom from analytic philosophy, the Baptist tradition, and classical Protestantism as articulated in the confessional documents of the Reformed tradition. The journal seeks to promote the Reformed catholic tradition by confessing what is held in common by the Second London Confession of Faith, the Orthodox Creed, the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Three Forms of Unity, and the Anglican Formularies. The journal publishes content that is consistent with the Nicene and Apostles’ Creed and the orthodox Protestant confessional tradition.

Currently The Hanover Review is primarily a special issue journal. However, general topic essays are included as part of each issue.

Accepted articles include the following: articles dealing with analytic theology, Baptist theology, confessional theology, or any theological or philosophical article advancing serious Christian thinking.

The journal also prioritizes translations or transcriptions of existing quality literature that is not published in English or not available in an accessible format with the addition of a brief introduction as special essays.


We follow a double-blind peer-review process and seek to provide initial decisions on submissions within 3 months of submission.

Essays should typically be between 3,000 and 8,000 words excluding footnotes but exceptions will be made for works of exceptional value.

Please note that as an academic journal submissions should be original research of the highest quality. Standard literature reviews and summaries of older debates that are common to PhD seminars are not acceptable quality.

Formatting should be done in Chicago style. Several notes to emphasize:

  • Please include a 100-200 word abstract with 5-6 key words
  • Please use headings throughout
  • Footnotes instead of in-text citations should be used
  • Do not use Ibid

Recent Issues

The Hanover Review: The Journal of the London Lyceum is available in both print and digital format. Both options are available below.

  • Volume 1, Issue 1: The Liberty of Conscience
  • Volume 2, Issue 1: The Theology of John Gill
  • Volume 3, Issue 1: The Reformation as Renewal Symposium (Forthcoming Spring 2024)
  • Volume 3, Issue 2: The Theological Interpretation of Scripture (Forthcoming late 2024)

Editorial Team

Executive Editors

Jordan L. Steffaniak


Garrett M. Walden

Senior Editor

Caleb Hawkins

Managing Editor

Hunter Hindsman

Executive Editor

Matt Gilleskie

Assistant Editor

Associate Editors

Jonathan Baddley

MA, Assoc. Editor of Reformation Theology (PhD Student, University of Cambridge)

Brandon Ayscue

MDiv, Assoc. Editor (Harriett Baptist Church)

Zak Tharp

MA, Assoc. Editor of Early Modern Theology (PhD Candidate, Ridley College)

Christopher Woznicki

PhD, Assoc. Editor of Systematic & Analytic Theology (Fuller Theological Seminary)

Morgan Byrd

MDiv, Assoc. Editor of Confessional Theology (Palmetto Shores Church)

Cody Floate

MDiv, Assoc. Editor of Exegetical Theology (ThM Student, Puritan Reformed Seminary)

Ryan Modisette

ThM, Assoc. Editor of Medieval Theology (PhD Student, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Jake Stone

BS, Assoc. Editor of Baptist Theology (MDiv Student, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Editorial Board

Guillaume Bignon

(Association Axiome)

Jason Alligood

(Fellowship Bible Church)

Benjamin Quinn

(Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Geoff Chang

(Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)

James Anderson

(Reformed Theological Seminary)

J.T. Turner

(Anderson University)

Mitch Chase

(Kosmosdale Baptist Church)

David Hogg

(Phoenix Seminary)

Brandon D. Smith

(Okloahoma Baptist University)

Matthew C. Bingham

(Oak Hill College)

Jesse Owens

(Welch College)