Partner with TLL

We are incredibly grateful for all those that share our passion for cultivating a church that takes thinking seriously. If you would like to partner with us to support more serious thinking, consider joining the mission by doing the following:

First, share our content. Share our resources with friends, family, and co-workers.

Second, subscribe to our exclusive podcast content option and receive bonus content, including access to exclusive-only shows and digital access to our journal The Hanover Review.

Third, donate to help us produce more quality content to serve more pastors and churches.

Fourth, purchase our print and digital resources from Hanover Press.


The London Lyceum is committed to serious thinking for a serious church no matter the personal cost. But as we grow we continue to develop resources that require significant financial investments. Unlike most non-profits, the London Lyceum has no large investor or benefactor funding. Instead, we are dependent on our own passion for serious thinking and the good will of likeminded friends who invest their own financial resources.

Therefore, your financial support would make us far more effective in our mission. Given this, we have a goal for 2024 to raise an additional $40,000 for the London Lyceum to cover at least the following costs:

  • Upcoming Hanover Press books
  • Upcoming issues of The Hanover Review
  • Research support funds for aspiring academics and local church pastors
  • Travel funds for the London Lyceum team to build relationships and present at the annual ETS/EPS.

We are grateful for a gift of any amount, including committing to a recurring gift. For a complete fundraising letter, please see: TTL Fundraising Letter.

As a note as a 501(c)(3) institution, we can provide receipts for tax deductions for donations upon request.