Call for Papers

The 2023 call for papers for Theologia Viatorum is dedicated to the interpretation of Holy Scripture.

We are especially interested in submissions that address the following topics (though topics that deviate from the recommendations remain most welcome):

  • The continued promise (or peril) of the theological interpretation of Scripture
  • Original theological interpretation of specific Scriptural texts
  • Original theological Scriptural intepretation in defense of confessional claims in chapter 1 of 2LCF (or WCF chapter 1)
  • A comparison of interpretive paradigms between confessional documents such as 2LCF, WCF, the Belgic Confession, the Thirty-Nine Articles, and the Synopsis of Purer Theology
  • The history of interpretation: Both methodological considerations and specific exegetical practice (e.g., what is the hermeneutic deployed by John Owen in “The Causes, Ways, and Means of Understanding the Mind of God”? or how does Joanthan Edwards’s interpretation of Scripture in his sermon on Matthew 16:17 exemplify his overall interpretive method?)
  • The nature of the sufficiency of Scripture
  • The role of Scripture in relation to biblical counseling (especially as it relates to the sufficiency of Scripture and the necessity, or lackthereof, external means)
  • The role of natural theology in Scriptural interpretation (especially as it relates to perennial questions on the doctrine of God or urgent questions of theological anthropology)
  • Creative ways that analytic philosophy can aid in the interpretation of Scripture
  • The role of grammatical-historical exegesis for sound theological construction
  • The meaning of the confessional phrase “The whole counsel of God concerning all things necessary for His own glory, man’s salvation, faith and life, is either expressly set down or necessarily contained in the Holy Scripture” (2LCF 1.6) and how this is the same or difference from WCF’s “is either expressly set down in Scripture, or by good and necessary consequence may be deduced from Scripture.”
  • The role of the creeds in theological interpretation
  • A Protestant account of the quadriga

Papers should be at least 3,000 words and typically should avoid exceeding 8,000 words but exceptions will be made for works of exceptional value (footnotes are excluded from word count total).

The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2023.

Full papers should be submitted to us at

Review Process: We follow a double-blind peer-review process and seek to provide initial decisions on submissions within 3 months of submission. The final publication date is tentatively set for Fall 2024.

Formatting should be done in Chicago style. Several notes to emphasize:

  • Please use headings throughout
  • Footnotes instead of in-text citations should be used
  • Do not use Ibid

Previous CFP’s

Note: The deadline for submissions on John Gill and Christian Liberty are now passed and closed. The inaugural issue on the liberty of conscience is available and the issue on John Gill is estimated to be available in late 2023.