Call for Papers

2025 marks the 1700-year anniversary of the Council of Nicaea. Considering this monumental benchmark, The Hanover Review: The Journal of the London Lyceum is issuing a call for papers on topics related to the Nicene Creed and Nicene faith. Theological and/or philosophical papers related to the topic of the Nicene Creed or historical papers regarding its receptivity in the Post-Reformation era and/or Baptist figures are most welcome.

We are especially interested in submissions that address the following topics (though topics that deviate from the recommendations remain most welcome):

  • Nicene Theology vs. Nicene Methodology: What is the Difference?
  • Defenses of whether there is such a thing as “Nicene” theology
  • Analyses of whether contemporary retrieval efforts understand Nicaea the same way the medieval and Reformation thinkers did
  • The relationship of later creeds, councils, and confessions to Nicaea (e.g., how does Chalcedon relate to Nicaea? Is it a further development? How does the Westminster Confession of Faith relate to Nicaea? Is it self-consciously “Nicene”? Does it make Trinitarian or Christological advancements?)
  • Contemporary Analytic constructive Trinitarian or Christological accounts, especially as they related to common “problems”
  • Autotheos and the Doctrine of Eternal Generation in John Gill
  • The role of civil/governmental synods in the fourth century and for today
  • Biblical and theological syntheses accounts of “begotten” language
  • Nicaea and the Reformed Confessions of Faith
  • The Decline of Nicene Categories in American Baptists
  • An Analytic Defense of Nicene Trinitarianism
  • Modern Conceptions of Personhood and the Trinity Debates
  • Modification or Extension: The Trinitarianism of John Owen in Communion with God
  • The Filioque: A Defense or Critique
  • Nicene Trinitarianism and Baptist Ecclesiology
  • How Social is Too Social: Social Metaphors in Trinitarian Thought
  • The Pactum Salutis and Nicene Trinitarianism
  • Does Eternal Generation Result in Subordinationism Anyway?
  • Arianism and Socinianism: Comparisons and Contrasts
  • Anti-Socinian Polemic in the Long Eighteenth Century
  • Trinitarian Hermeneutics in Benjamin Keach
  • Dan Taylor on the Trinity
  • Trinitarian Worship in Baptist Hymnody
  • The Checkered Trinitarianism of Isaac Watts

Papers should be at least 3,000 words and typically should avoid exceeding 8,000 words but exceptions will be made for works of exceptional value (footnotes are excluded from word count total).

The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2024.

Full papers should be submitted to us at

Review Process: We follow a double-blind peer-review process and seek to provide initial decisions on submissions within 3 months of submission. The final publication date is tentatively set for Fall 2025.

Formatting should be done in Chicago style. Several notes to emphasize:

  • Please use headings throughout
  • Footnotes instead of in-text citations should be used
  • Do not use Ibid

Previous CFP’s

  • The deadline for submissions on the theological interpretation of Scripture (2023), John Gill (2022), and Christian Liberty (2021) are now passed and closed.