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The Ledger

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Hanover Press is the publishing side of The London Lyceum. The goal is to produce original academic theology and re-print classic Baptist literature with the quality of a university press and the ecclesial focus of an evangelical publisher. 

The London Lyceum Podcast

The London Lyceum podcast is the premiere philosophical-theological podcast featuring the most important thinkers today. It releases episodes weekly, modeling irenic debate and discussion. Learn from philosophers, theologians, and historians across the theological spectrum.

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The London Lyceum

Exclusive roundtable and live events on a variety of theological and philosophical topics.

Generally Particular

A show dedicated to discussing and reflecting on the whole Baptist story. Hosted by Jake Stone and Jesse Owens

Kiffin's Keep

An intellectual resource for the pillar and buttress of the truth which is the church. Hosted by Jordan Steffaniak


Creating an Intellectual Culture of Charity, Curiosity, Critical Thinking, & Cheerful Confessionalism

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