2023 in Review

2023 is now in the books and the London Lyceum is both grateful for the last year and thrilled about the future. Looking back, we’ve accomplished a great deal beyond our standard content production. We launched two new YouTube shows, Kiffin’s Keep and Generally Particular. We launched our exclusive podcast option. We hired multiple new staff members as we continue to grow (and we are still hiring more!). We are thanked in academic monographs for our research support like Oxford University Press and are listed as institutional affiliations in respected peer-reviewed journals such as the International Journal of Systematic Theology and the International Journal of Philosophy of Religion. We also, after much planning and prayer, launched a new academic publishing house. The pre-order copies of our very first volume from Andrew Fuller, Garrett Walden, and Tom Nettles shipped with regular orders being available soon. We also continue to make significant progress on the John Gill Project with expectations of publishing an issue of Theologia Viatorum dedicated to his thought early this year and releasing a brand new abridged volume of his Body of Divinity in 2024 as well. Theologia Viatorum is not only releasing an issue on Gill in 2024, however. It is set to release two other issues, an important symposium on The Reformation as Renewal and our annual special issue, this year on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture. Both plan to be superb resources. These are not your everyday accomplishments. These are only by divine assistance and favor. With the Lord’s aid, we expect to accomplish even more in 2024!

As an institution, while it’s a new year, we remain firmly committed to cultivating serious thinking for a serious church. We continue to retrieve the wisdom from analytic philosophy, the Baptist tradition, and classical Protestantism as confessed in the confessional documents of the Reformed tradition. We still think serious thinking requires seriousness about Christian virtue, so we persist in our efforts to cultivate an intellectual culture of charity, curiosity, critical thinking, and cheerful confessionalism.

As evidence of the continued excellent work from the London Lyceum, below are the top podcasts, essays, reviews, and YouTube videos from 2023. These may have been published before 2023 as the rankings are based purely on 2023 performance. There are no formulas here–just traditional views/reads. Be sure to listen/watch/read any that you missed and send a thank you note to those who made it possible!

Finally, if you’ve benefited from our work in 2023, or years past, and are looking forward to 2024 and beyond, consider making a one-time donation or becoming an exclusive podcast sponsor (as a 501(c)3 non-profit your donations are tax deductible). Your financial support makes more resources possible in the future and you can be confident your investment will continue to support our mission of serious thinking for a serious church. You won’t find another organization as “lean” as us, creating the level of resources we do, without any paid staff. Every penny goes directly to the material cost of creating more resources. That’s because we all really believe in the mission. If you do too, join us.

Top Podcasts of 2023

  1. The Millenium with Tom Schreiner
  2. Reformed Two Kingdom Theology with Jonathon Beeke
  3. The Theological Interpretation of Scripture Roundtable
  4. The Ordinary Means of Grace with Neil Stewart
  5. The Sabbath in the Dutch Reformed Tradition with Kyle Dieleman

Top Essays of 2023

  1. On Justification, Doug Wilson, and the Moscow Doctrine, Tom Hicks and Garrett Walden
  2. In Defense of Libraries, Philip D. Bunn
  3. Classical Reformed Theonomy, Stephen Wolfe
  4. Five Reasons Historical Theology is Necessary for the Local Church, Caleb Lenard
  5. Theonomy: A Theological Critique, David VanDrunen

Top Reviews of 2023

  1. A Case for Christian Nationalism, Reviewed by John D. Wilsey
  2. The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self, Reviewed by Fellipe do Vale
  3. Arminius and the Reformed Tradition, Reviewed by Tom McCall
  4. The Mission of God, Reviewed by Tom Mussetti
  5. Making Psychology Theological Again: A Review of the Logic of the Body, Reviewed by Lucas Sabatier

Top YouTube of 2023

  1. Covenant Theology Roundtable
  2. Clarifying Some Confusions: Covenant Theology in Baptist and Presbyterian Presbyterian Perspective
  3. The Theological Interpretation of Scripture Roundtable
  4. A Protestant Political Theology Roundtable
  5. Classical Theism: Trinity and Simplicity Roundtable



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