The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation


Introduction, Tom Nettles

Editor’s Note, Garrett Walden

Advertisement to the Second Edition, Andrew Fuller

Preface to the First Edition, Andrew Fuller

Part I

Part II

Part III

Concluding Reflections



Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) was a Particular Baptist pastor in the English Midlands.

Garrett Walden is a pastor at Grace Heritage Church in Auburn, AL. He serves as Senior Editor for the London Lyceum and Editor-in-Chief for Hanover Press. He is a junior research fellow for the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies.

Tom Nettles is Senior Professor of historical theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“This republication of the 1805 American edition of Fuller’s seminal work on the interplay of the human and divine in faith, repentance, and salvation is a welcome and timely addition to the growing interest in Fuller’s works and his position as one of the most important Baptist writers and thinkers of the late eighteenth century. Fuller’s text is presented with precision and clarity, supported by Nettles’s concise and informative introduction and Walden’s pertinent biographical, historical, and bibliographical notes, all of which will be appreciated by both academic and general audiences.”

–Dr. Timothy Whelan, Centre for Baptist Studies,
Regent’s Park College, Oxford

“I am personally very encouraged to see the appearance of this fresh edition of one of Andrew Fuller’s key works, his decisive rebuttal of High Calvinism, otherwise known as hyper-Calvinism. Fuller himself called it “false Calvinism,” since it took critical matters relating to our salvation as sinners and pushed them to logical, but unbiblical, ends. In doing so, it set up a system of thought that had deleterious effects upon Fuller’s Particular Baptist community. Fuller’s decision to step into the controversy about whether or not God requires sinners to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ opened him up to numerous attacks, some of them quite personal. But he rightly judged that this was a hill to die on. And his elaboration of the way that saving faith is both a gift and an obligation—a perspective that came to be termed “Fullerism”—was central to the revival that came to Baptist ranks at the close of the eighteenth century and also foundational to the globalization of the gospel through men like Fuller’s dear friend William Carey. This is a classic work that bears both re-printing (a big thanks here to Garrett Walden and Hanover Press) and re-reading again and again.”

–Michael A. G. Haykin, Professor of Church History,
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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By the latter half of the eighteenth century, hyper-Calvinism had frozen parts of the Baptist denomination in England. Do the unregenerate have a duty to believe in Christ unto salvation? Do Christians have an obligation to offer the gospel to sinners? Fuller believed so, and in this significant book, he demonstrates his positive answers to these questions through careful biblical and theological reflection. Historically, the book was effective as a catalyst for missions and evangelism among evangelicals of all stripes. Hanover Press is pleased to offer contemporary readers an attractive new edition of this classic treatise, with a new introduction, informative footnotes, and a Scripture index.

PAPERBACK | 6 X 9 | PUBLISHED DECEMBER 13, 2023 | ISBN 979-8-9881179-1-9 | Library of Congress Control Number: 2023919690



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