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Print subscription to all The Hanover Review issues. By purchasing this format you will receive a single print copy of each journal issue. We also include all PDF versions for free with this subscription. We will mail printed copies to the address on file once copies are made available. Only current and future print copies are provided with this subscription. Based on your order date this will determine the first print issue you receive. For example, if you order on April 1, 2030 and our latest issue appeared January 1, 2030, you would receive that print issue and future issues but would not receive print editions of any issue prior to the January 1, 2030 edition. If you wish to purchase previous editions, please purchase them individually. Once the purchase is complete you will receive access to a download link that is refreshed with all new issues as they are made available.

Note: The print subscription is primarily for libraries or those that wish to bundle PDF and print versions together to save.


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