Advice to Christian Philosophers

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Featuring essays from Alvin Plantinga, Meghan Page, Marina Garner, Ross Inman, Adam Green, Eric Yang, JP Moreland, Paul Gould, Tim Pickavance, Greg Ganssle, William Hasker, Yoon Shin, Linda Zagzebski, Charity Anderson, Joshua Rasmussen, Mike Austin, Tim Pawl, Ed Feser, Chris Woznicki, Peter van Inwagen, Greg Welty, Tom Ward, William Lane Craig, and Dolores Morris.

Edited by Christopher Woznicki (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) who is an Affiliate Assistant Professor of Theology at Fuller Seminary and a Research Fellow at the Jonathan Edwards Center at Gateway Seminary. His research examines the philosophical underpinnings of atonement, theological anthropology, and Reformation era accounts of prayer.

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2024 marks forty years since Alvin Plantinga’s seminal essay Advice to Christian Philosophers. In the forty years since its publication Christian philosophy has blossomed yet Plantinga’s remarks remain as poignant as ever. In celebration of its fourth decade Hanover Press is pleased to publish a unique volume reflecting on the last 40 years and providing advice for the future from a range of scholars. The book features twenty four essays by seasoned Christian philosophers across the theological spectrum.

PAPERBACK | 6 X 9 | PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2, 2024 | ISBN 979-8-9881179-5-7 | Library of Congress Control Number:



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